Customized branded platform for your law firm

Every lawyer needs to find a way to beat their competition.myLawFirm will help you achieve this goal. By using the myLawFirm platform daily you will reinforce your brand with your clients, and establish a powerful, professional image for your firm.

The myLawFirm platform has been designed with these goals in mind. When you register with myLawFirm, you will also create a customized version of our platform for your firm. You should purchase a membership for each lawyer, legal assistant, and secretary in your firm. When they open the platform on their mobiles, tablets and computers, the platform will have the same look and feel that you have created during the registration process. After registration you and the other lawyers in your firm should invite all your firm’s clients to join your new platform. When your clients register for the platform there will be no charge. Clients join for free. They will only have access to your own customized version of your platform, along with the other members of your firm.

You can modify your customized platform as many times as you wish. All of the members on the platform will automatically obtain the updated version of the platform. The entire process of modification will take less than five minutes to complete.


When you have uploaded the logo of your firm, it will be shown at the top of the app screen. Upload an image of type JPG, PNG or GIF.

If you don’t have the right size image you will be able to resize and crop your logo image.

Even if you do not have a logo you will be able to create a logo on our website during the registration process.

Color Scheme

myLawFirm has a large variety of color schemes that are popular in law firm logo and website designs. myLawFirm offers you a diverse selection of color schemes, so you can use the one that best suits your firm.

Still looking for something different? Please let us know. We will be introducing new color schemes in the future.


Typeface is a key element of the design you choose for the look and feel of your platform. myLawFirm offers a range of typefaces that work well for this platform.

Register now and for one month you can use the customize the platform for free.

Sample app