Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to
  •  Click on the ‘free trial’ button.
  • You will need to fill in following details:
  • The name οf your firm
  • The image file of your firm’s logo: png, jpeg or gif format. If your firm  does not have a logo, you will be able to create a logo for your firm that will become part of the platform.

Then you must select the number of memberships that you wish to purchase, so all the required members of your team will have access to the platform

You may wish to talk to the  lawyers in your firm  before you start this process.

The process is automatic.

  • Each lawyer for whom you have obtained a membership will receive an email invitation
  • The email invitation will have a link to  allow the lawyer to set their password. They will then be directed to the web app, if they have a desktop or laptop and to the play store and app store, if they have a tablet or mobile phone
  • When the lawyers login they will see the custom look and feel of the new platform based on the theme and logo you selected.
  • The lawyers in your firm for whom you obtained a membership will be part of your firm’s customized platform and be able to communicate safely and securely.  
  • The lawyers will receive a message on their firm’s customized platform from the potential new client and should respond to this message.
  • The potential new client will be asked to download the app in order to receive the response from their lawyer of choice.

Yes. All of the messages and all of the documents are encrypted in transit and at rest. Every aspect of the videoconferencing is encrypted in transit. No third party has access to this data unless you share your login details with them.

If you practice in the United States your files will be stored in servers in the United States. If you practice in the EU then your files will be stored in servers in the EU.

No. The data are encrypted with keys that our company does not have. Only the members of your platform that share the data and participate in the communications can access them.

The commitment is month to month. It can be cancelled at any time.

Yes. Registration is completed only when you add your credit card details. Your credit card will not be charged until your monthly free trial period is over. You can end your membership at any time.

Nothing. Your clients’ membership is free.

Yes. This will allow all of you to communicate securely through your customized platform. However, this is not a requirement.

  • All of your communications are encrypted in transit
  • All of your communications are encrypted when they are stored in the cloud
  • No data is stored in your devices
  • The shared documents are stored in the cloud with the highest level of encryption.
  • Videoconferencing on your customized platform is encrypted
  • Videoconferencing is limited by you to the members that you invite.
  • Non members cannot join any of the discussions or the videoconferences
  • Shared documents are encrypted in transit and at rest.


You will need to login to your customized platform. Select the menu by accessing the three lines on the top left and select Invite. A form will appear on your screen: enter your client’s email and click send. Your client will then receive an email with instructions. When they login to your customized platform, they will be immediately connected to you so that you can start communicating.

Please login into: and open the side menu using the arrow on the top left of your screen.

Then choose Theme Settings.

In the window that opens you will be able to select the color palette and the to create your new theme.

You can then click on Preview to see how your new customized platform will look.

If you are happy with the result click Submit and  your platform will be customized according to your selections.

You do not. The console never changes in appearance.

Yes. Your firm’s customized platform complies with all  the recommendations contained in American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Formal Opinion 477 “Securing Communication of Protected Client Information”.

Please make certain that all invitees are members of the customized platform.   Please select the tab entitled myDiscussion at the bottom of your device. Then you click on the plus sign that is in the bottom right of the platform and select 'Start a new Video Conference' You will be given the option to create a new video conference and invite the members that will take part in this. The members that you invited will be able to join and take part in your videoconference. No one else will be able to participate.

In your customized platform go to Matter tab and click the plus button.

You will be asked to describe the new matter and list the people that are involved in it.

Please login into: and open the side menu using the arrow on the top left of your screen.

Click Payment Methods. You will be able to remove your old credit card and add a new one through the popup that will open. 

By perfecting and expanding  your firm’s profile on the global network of lawyers.

Please take the time to fill in all of the information requested under the myLawFirm tab in :

It is also important to have your lawyers’ profiles complete and up to date.

You should also make certain that recently hired lawyers become members on your platform . They can then be added to the global network.

Your customized app will also play a significant role in the branding of your law firm.

Please email us