The messageBoard is an important part of myLawFirm. The messageBoard is a fast and effective way to share information with all the members of your network as well as other lawyers in the global network.

The message board is organized in the following categories

  • News

  • Events

  • Seminars

  • Recruiting

  • Students

  • Bar Associations

  • Other Bar Organizations.


When you post articles, they will be visible to the Global Network. Each of the topics posted in the messageBoard can be linked to a public discussion so that you can network and exchange opinions with other lawyers in the Global Network of lawyers.

An upcoming version of myLawFirm will allow you to post items in these and other categories that will be visible only to the members of your firm. This will build the internal cohesiveness of your firm and allow your members to network and share ideas about various issues that affect your firm.

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